The Trump-backed candidate has called abortion a “satanic practice” and “sacrifice of children.”

The Trump-backed candidate has called abortion a “satanic practice” and “sacrifice of children.”

Kristina Karamo, the Republican nominee for Michigan secretary of state backed by Donald Trump, has made ridiculous claims about abortion and demonic possession, CNN’s KFILE reports. is a segment found on the 2020 podcast episode.

“Abortion is really nothing new. The sacrifice of children is a very satanic practice, and that’s exactly what abortion is about. We need to look at it that way,” community college professor Karamo said in an October 2020 episode of the podcast.

She also called abortion “the greatest crime in the history of our country.”

In another September 2020 episode of the podcast, she said that “demon possession is real” and can spread through “intimacy with someone who is possessed or oppressed by demons.”

Karamo’s embrace of conspiracy theories — including Trump’s lies about the 2020 election and false claims that left-wing anarchists were behind the Jan. 6, 2021 insurgency — earned her the former president’s endorsement last year .

She described herself as a “proud Christian patriot” running for secretary of state in Michigan “fighting to ensure elections are decided by legal votes.”

CNN’s KFILE previously reported on Karamo’s other troubling remarks in the past, including attacks on the LGBTQ community and premarital sex. She describes herself as an “anti-immune” and has claimed that transgender people trying to engage in women’s sports are the equivalent of “mentally ill adults playing dress up”.

Michigan does not hold primaries for some lower-level elections, including secretary of state. Instead, parties endorse and nominate candidates for elections at party conventions. Karamo will face incumbent Democrat Jocelyn Benson in the November election.

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