Megan Rapinoe speaks emotionally after Roe v. Wade ruling

Megan Rapinoe speaks emotionally after Roe v. Wade ruling

The Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade and remove the constitutional right to abortion drew a wave of reactions across the country, including many high-profile sports figures. Megan Rapinoe was never afraid to speak her mind, articulating her immediate reaction to the decision.

“It’s hard to put into words how sad this day is for me personally, for my teammates, for everyone out there who will be affected,” she said. “Supporting choice means you can choose. Supporting choice means you can choose. Supporting choice allows others to support life if it works for them, or that’s what they believe in, or that’s where they are in life. Man does not allow anyone to make a choice.”

Rapinoe also called on men, especially male athletes, to not do enough public work to change the direction of those views.

“You have been silent to us, as a whole. Stand up and say something,” she said. “This is your wife, this is your sister, this is your friend, this is your girlfriend, this is your child’s mother. This is all of us. And you are allowing women’s physical autonomy, Women’s rights, women’s minds, our hearts, our souls are violently and continuously attacked. We live in a country that is trying to rip away what you have contributed to, and what you have had the privilege of feeling in your life.”

She stressed that “no woman should be the loudest voice in the room” and that speaking out is “what it’s like to do the right thing”. Rapinoe then explained how this decision affects many groups of women in different communities.

“We know this will disproportionately affect poor women, black women, brown women, immigrants, women in abusive relationships, women who are raped, women and girls who are raped by family members, you know, they may not be doing It’s not a reason to be forced to get pregnant,” she said. “We know that the lack of an abortion [right] doesn’t stop people from having an abortion, it stops people from having a safe abortion.”

Finally, Rapinoe asked everyone to look at the issue with a warm heart, allowing people to live with different beliefs.

“I encourage people to take a step back and understand, from a compassionate and human point of view, that what I believe doesn’t mean that everyone else has to believe,” she said. “We can all make our own choices, but ultimately we need to do what we feel is best for us from the standpoint of love, respect and autonomy.”

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