Kamala-Harris speaks at last Buffalo Massacre funeral: ‘We won’t be afraid

Kamala-Harris speaks at last Buffalo Massacre funeral: ‘We won’t be afraid

Saturday marked the final funeral for the victims of a racist attack on a black man at a Buffalo supermarket, in what became a call to action and an emotional plea for an end to the hatred and violence that has gripped the nation.

The funeral of Ruth Whitfield, 86, the oldest of the 10 black people killed, included a speech by Vice President Kamala Harris, who attended Funeral at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Buffalo, New York. She addressed mourners at the insistence of Rev. Al Sharpton and said it was “all the good guys” who came out against what happened on May 14 at the Topps Friendly Market and Rob Elementary School in Uwald, Texas. A point in time for other mass shooting injustices.

“We will not allow small people to create fear in our communities,” she said. “We’re not afraid to stand up for what’s right and tell the truth even when it may be hard to hear and say.”

Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump opened the funeral with a glowing tribute to Whitfield, calling for all ‘accomplices’ who helped and abetted ‘this monster’ to shoot at supermarkets to be held accountable, from gun manufacturing business and dealer to the suspect’s parents.

Those who “mentored and inflamed this young, insecure person” should also be held accountable for taking Whitfield away from her family, the Buffalo community and the planet, Crump said. He called her “one of the most angelic figures we know”.

“It was a sin for this young fallen man, not a boy, to kill Ruth Whitfield and the ‘Buffalo 10,'” Crump said, referring to the victim.

Whitfield was in the supermarket after visiting her husband, 68, in a nursing home when a gunman identified by police as Payton Gendron, 18, started the deadly attack.

Authorities said Gendron, who is white, targeted the store, a three-hour drive from his home in Conklin, because it was in a predominantly black neighborhood.

A total of 13 people were shot in the attack, which federal authorities are investigating as a hate crime. Three survived.

Whitfield is the mother of former Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield.

Gendelon has been charged with first-degree murder and is currently being held without bail. His lawyers have pleaded not guilty on his behalf.

Harris and the second gentleman, Doug Emmerhof, visited the memorial outside the Topps Friendly Market after the funeral. The vice president laid flowers, and the two paused for a few minutes to pray.

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