George Conway shows Trump allies what they still ‘believe’

George Conway shows Trump allies what they still ‘believe’

The conservative lawyer, who is married to Trump’s former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, lays out Trump’s case in a satirical piece titled “I believe in the president, now more than ever.” Hate speech, lies and corruption.

Conway is part of a group of anti-Trump Republicans fighting to prevent the president from being re-elected. Its members routinely target Trump’s allies in Congress, accusing them of betraying them by choosing to serve Trump’s interests over the country’s.

Before Monday’s comments, Conway wrote two similar articles for The Post titled “I believe in the president and I believe in the president” and “I (still) believe in the president and I believe in the president.”

“I believe sleepy Joe Biden and that ‘monster’ Kamala-D-Harris will turn America into a ‘socialist hell’ where we all have to ‘speak Chinese,'” Conway said in his latest The op-ed reads, which are heavily linked to videos and articles that reference Trump’s absurd and baseless claims.

“I believe they ‘want to kill cows’ and ‘animals of any kind’. There will be ‘no planes’, they’ll ‘tear down the Empire State Building’ and we’ll just have ‘tiny little windows’,” Conway go on.

The article also cited Trump’s conspiracy theories that his Democratic opponent Joe Biden led an “organized crime family” and that former President Barack Obama was involved in “the greatest political crime in the history of our country.” .

It links to a smear story about Hunter Biden’s laptop (which may actually have something to do with Russian disinformation agents); a link to the QAnon conspiracy theory campaign that Trump has teased but insists he knows nothing about; and Trump claimed during the last presidential debate that he was the “least racist person” in the room.

Also included are the president’s downplaying of the COVID-19 pandemic; his skepticism about mail-in voting, the electoral system, polls, science, and the media; his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after a failed election; The dictator-like whimsy of a chance for three terms.

All of which, Conway wrote, he “believes.”

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